HOw it works

 Our Process
To ensure we always deliver the highest standard of construction, building and maintenance services, we follow a robust process that we’ve refined over many years of working in the industry.

Our 5-step process is designed to provide the best results for your project involving Indigenous Participation while providing ongoing support to Indigenous communities.
How We Work Together With You
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Step 1
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Once you’ve invited us to present a construction project tender, we’ll thoroughly prepare all of the requirements and submit our application by the agreed date. 
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Step 2
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If you approve our tender submission, we will submit a formal scoping document with all the accreditations, methodology and requirements needed to complete your project.
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Step 3
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You can review and sign our Master Services Agreement, allowing you access to our full range of services under a single contract.

This helps mitigate risks and gives you peace of mind.
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Step 4
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We begin delivering our building, construction and maintenance services according to your project. At all stages, safety, quality and customer service is our top priority. 
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Step 5
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Our team then apply our skills, funds and expertise to support Indigenous communities in need around Australia. 
Why work with Ironmark?

First and foremost, we are a quality service provider.
Working with us will be a rewarding experience for 
both you and your stakeholders.
However, we offer so much more than successful project delivery.

By choosing to work with us, you are fulfilling your social and education sponsorship commitment to the Indigenous community of Australia as well as creating employment opportunities with Indigenous Participation. 
Not only will you experience excellent outcomes, but you also get to be part of the positive difference we make.

Our Clients