Our Community 

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At Ironmark, we are passionate about supporting the efforts of
inspiring charity programs and societal institutions that strive tirelessly to 
make a real difference for Indigenous communities across Australia. 

Here are some of the charity programs and societal institutions we support.

 Odyssey House 


Odyssey House is a rehabilitation service in New South Wales that has helped over 35,000 people recover from drug and alcohol addiction, family and relationship issues, domestic violence and trauma, parental drug misuse as well as physical and mental health problems.

Ironmark became part of the Women’s Crisis program in Odyssey House in which we, together with the ladies’ help, raised funds to build a new bathroom facility.

 Rabbitohs Souths Cares 


Souths Cares is a non-for-profit institution supporting disadvantaged and marginalised youth and their families.

With programs aimed at addressing education, training, health and employment, children are given great opportunities to turn their lives around for the better.

As advocates of bringing hope to people, Ironmark supports this institution in empowering children to harness their true potential.

 Back to School 2021 


Back to School 2021 is a program led by the Australian Government that’s focused on providing better education outcomes to Indigenous communities. This program helps single parents and families supply their children with proper education and essential school supplies. 

Ironmark is passionate about giving disadvantaged Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children a strong start to ensure a bright future - and this program supports this.



Barnardos cares for and protects children from abuse and neglect, with the goal of preserving a strong family unit. 

Ironmark supports Barnardos by utilising our construction services to improve their centres. Our recent projects involved building a new garden for the children where they could plant herbs and vegetables. It also involved laying out artificial turf for soccer games. 



As suicide rates for Indigenous men in Central Queensland sadly increase, Kulka-Nulla was founded in 2018 to help reduce suicide and alcohol abuse in the community.

Kulka-Nulla started a Rugby League team for Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginals to serve as a fun activity to encourage unity and health. 

Ironmark is a proud sponsor of Kulka-Nulla, who is looking to expand their support by including an Open Men’s team, an Open Women’s team and teams for younger boys and girls to participate in.